Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Aww, Thanks!

In lieu of studying for ANOTHER midterm (effectively the 4th this week), I'm going to make a list of the things I've heard in the last few days that are, for better or worse, compliments.

"Yeah but you're in half marathon shape."

This is, apparently, what "half marathon shape" looks like for me. It's the most flattering of the pictures taken on Saturday, which is just kind of sad.

"I don't think you're awkward. No, you're just...blunt."

I don't have a picture for this. Google "blunt" and you get marijuana and Emily Blunt.

Awkward though....


"God Kat, why aren't you fatter?"

Yup, that's me.

Actually, that's about all I've got.

I got new shoes in the mail today (don't worry, this time I tried them on in person first). Sadly, I still can't wear shoes right now. The blister on my heel has taken on a life of its own and has gotten nasty. I accidentally hit my heel on the leg of a chair during my exam today and just about started crying it hurt so much. I'll spare you guys the pictures, but suffice it to say it required an emergency run to Target over lunch to get Bactine and bandaids.


Back to studying.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


As expected, PT school has once again taken over my life and the first thing to get ditched is the blog. Honestly, I just feel like I can barely function as a normal human being in IRL social situations, making anything "virtual" just about impossible to fathom. I'm really not super interesting lately. I've been running a lot of races (a LOT of races), but they've been largely unremarkable...or at least not really "first post after a long hiatus" blog-worthy.

So rather than try to live up to what I'm thinking should be some grand reentrance into the blogging world, I'm just going to jot down a few things that I remember thinking during the Sand Creek Half Marathon yesterday.

Mile -0.5: "That's a hot spot. I should change shoes. But my car is far away. And I already put the timing chip on this pair. Maybe my heel will bleed this time and then I'll be a real runner."

It didn't bleed. Just a nickel-sized blister on the back that I keep popping because I'm gross and that's what I do with blisters.

Mile 7ish (aid station with Gu): "Gu gels are the grown up version of Otter Pops."

Took me a couple tries to figure out you slice your cheeks less if you just squeeze the stupid things.

Mile I don't even know anymore I just wanted it to be over: "I just want to be done. Please just let me be done."

It wasn't an awful race. It just wasn't awesome. I ran a 2:10:02, which was meh. Slowest half yet. In my defense, my feet hurt and I'd gotten about 4 hours of sleep the night before. I have an anatomy exam (or 3) this week, and I hadn't run basically at all since my last half 3 weeks ago.

Oh yeah.

I run half marathons like they're nothing now. So there's that.

In June I ran the Garden of the Gods 10 Miler

Then my 4th Tough Mudder

I can't tell you how much I love that picture. I ran it with a few friends/classmates and my brother (the kid in the orange), and it was maybe my favorite one yet. Turns out having a bigger group is WAY more fun.

Then the next weekend I ran the Slacker Half Marathon, which is all down hill

During that race, I made a friend who, it turns out, is as addicted to races as I am. She's also a Sparkler, so it's easy to find each other.

I ran a whole mess of races in April and May too (and a couple in March as well) are a few other pictures:

Graffiti Run 5k

Drop Your Drawers 5k

Bunny Bolt 5k

I guess that's all the ones I have pictures from. Thought I had more selfies but I guess not. Oh well. As you can see, the skirt has been making its rounds. I think I've run 16 races this year and I have 11 more left through December. I guess that's probably enough, huh? One of those 11 is my first cycling event, Jam the Damz, to benefit Craig Hospital. They do amazing work with people who've sustained spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, and I'm hoping one day I get to join their team. If you're at all interested in helping out, please consider donating here!

What else...

Log n Blog is still going. Log your miles!

I'm almost to the point that I'm circling back on races...I'm already registered for Run the Rocks again.

I also started a facebook page for my running team (which has been 90% just me), The Gait Keepers. Every time a race has an option to register as a team for cheaper, I do. I decided that we should also have a tshirt option, so I made one.

So that's going to arrive on my doorstep any day now. Can't wait.

Anywho. I'm sure there's an article I should be reading or a blood supply I should be drawing, so I'll leave it at that. Hopefully I'll be better about updating, but no promises. We'll see.