Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Made it

This isn't a real post, I's just an "I'm not dead I promise" post with a couple of mollifying pictures to tide you over until there's internet in my brother's apartment that doesn't require me making friendly with the neighbors. (Next week sometime, fingers crossed.)

We made it to CO in one piece, kitty included.

 He's clearly been scarred by the whole thing and will never forgive me. Unless tuna is involved. Then it's ok.

Campus is GORGEOUS and every day has been 70s and sunny, all day. I freaking love it here you guys.

Today was the first day of orientation. I made friends and whatnot, and got a lot of information that had me alternately jumping up and down and breathing into a paper bag for support. Overall, it was a very positive day, and I'm 110% sure I made the right choice coming out here. Really, I can't express enough how happy I am to be in CO. It's my dream place, in every possible way...except the whole "hubs is still across the country" thing.

Seriously, anyone wanna buy a house in NH?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Get it? Like farewell, but with hair? Because tonight's playlist is hair metal all the way baby.

Final count down - Europe
Nothin' But A Good Time  -  Poison
Poison  -  Alice Cooper
Rock You Like a Hurricane  -  Scorpions
Its A Long Way To The Top  -  ACDC 
Welcome To The Jungle  -  Guns 'n' Roses
Jump  -  Van Halen
Twisted Sister - Were Not Going to Take It
Mighty Wings (Album Version)  -  Cheap Trick
Feed my Frankenstein  -  Alice Cooper
Devour  -  Shinedown
Ave Maria - Hitman Soundtrack
Dreams  -  Van Halen

I had a good time finding this stuff, and there's a LOT that got cut simply because it's only a 45 minute class. I'm a little tempted to tell everyone they're welcome to stay a full 90 minutes if they want to...I'm not even sure what I'd do for that time, but I'm sure no one would like it. Worth it? Sure. But filters come down around minute 32.

The profile is going to be one of those "winging it" kind of rides. We'll see how it goes, but mostly...hills. Duh. I might actually switch Mighty Wings and Feed my Frankenstein so MW is last...that's a pretty epic final mile song, if you ask me. FmF is a solid heavy climb too, so...that works.

For the FIT class I'm teaching before spin tonight, here's what we're looking at:

That's pretty much what I do every week, by the way. Same notebook, same pink Sharpie (every week I look for a black one...never find it), same blue pen. As I put the moves in the boxes, I note what equipment we'll need up at the top, so it's easy to see what we need when I get to class. Tonight's not got a lot of toys but I don't think that's going to mean it'll be easy. It's probably not as much cardio as Karol usually does, but's my last class, so whatever. :-P

Oh, and PS for all you doubters out there (*coughLaracough*), here's as much proof as I've got that I ran Tough Mudder VT this year:

 At the end, immediately after crossing the finish line.
 With Calvin, our adopted Expendable.
 Hailing Jeremy.
 More hugging.
 Team after pic. We are fabulous.
 Monkey duck?
Pure, unabashed happiness. It was glorious.

For TM CO in a couple of weeks, I'm definitely planning on picking up a disposable waterproof camera of some variation. 

Monday, May 14, 2012


Blerg. I'm just going to give up trying to be a good blogger for a while. I'm not saying I'm quitting, but for the next couple of weeks it's not likely I'm going to have time to write much more than "here's my playlist gottagobye!"

Sorry about that.

As consolation, enjoy a picture of Loki.

You are welcome.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Strength in Disney

I'm a total wreck right now...I don't think I've mentioned it much, but I ran the Tough Mudder again this last weekend. The course was longer, harder, and had more obstacles than last year...I promise I'll get a full race report up tomorrow, or whenever the professional action shots get back. For now, this is the best I've got:

Shockingly clean for being 2 minutes past the finish line, but hopefully there will be better pics in the professionals' stash.


I taught strength this morning, and I had hoped that would wake me up some...apparently The Happening is a real and legitimate thing in New England right now, since just about everyone is clawing their eyes out at all the pollen in the air. I hope it's just allergies and not a cold, but it wouldn't shock me either way.


Tonight's workout is a result of several weeks' of in-class shenanigans based on the moves I've been having us do. Remember Dive Bombers? Made me feel like Ariel coming up off the rock wanting to be PART OF YOUR WORLD.

The girl has no upper body muscle...those waves must have helped a lot.

The glider walks made me feel like Ursula:

Terrifying and tentacly. Ick.

So tonight's workout, then, is going to channel a few other Disney gems as well.

Not quite sure how to work this one in. I wish we had hula hoops.

So we've got a few options:

Lion King: 

The Rafiki shake, using off-centered body bar:
Start with presses, then pulse at the top for 30 seconds or whatever. Make sure the bar isn't centered, so one arm is doing more pressing than the other. 
The Simba lunge and press:
Starting on a step, back lunge off the step, holding heavy weight at chest. Come back up and press weight up (like a lion cub), while kicking back leg up behind you.
Hakuna Matata switch lunges:
Just switch lunges, but add the arms in dramatically for comedic effect.

The canoe row:
Using the body bar, row. Might be more of a kayak motion. Can add a little hip flexor action by kneeling and coming up with every stroke. Could also add balance by leaning against a balance ball against the wall, in a static squat, while rowing. 
Using a light or medium weight, make this motion. Try to keep a straight face. For legs, hold a static squat against a balance ball...make it harder, make it one-legged. 

The Little Mermaid: 
Ariel Dive Bomber (see above)
Ursula Glider walk (see above)
Sebastian Crab walk with toe touch: 
Walk forward, touch hand to toe on each side, walk back. Complain about teenage mermaids and violent chefs. 
Magic carpet hover squats: No image for this one, sorry. Basically, come down into a wide squat. Staying the squat, move from side to side, ending up in side lunges on each side. Feet stay stationary.

Whole new world flying shoulder raises: 
Starting out kneeling on haunches, raise up onto just knees, lean forward, and open arms as if flying on a magic carpet. Use light to medium weights and focus on pulling your shoulder blades together while avoiding slapping the guy behind you. 
Rooftop step jump: 
You'll need two steps for this, preferably uneven (one set higher than the other). Place them about 2 feet apart from each other. Starting on one, squat then burst up and jump to the other one, either sideways or forward/back. Alternately, do uneven squat pulses with jumps to next level (ground to small step, step to high step, back down). 
Sleeping Beauty: 
Sleeping abs: 
Start out laying flat on mat, with medium weights grasped at chest.  Raise weights above head as if stretching up. Bring them back towards chest as you raise up from the floor. Once you're in a fully-seated position, open arms in a vertical chest fly, as if you're a princess waking up from a deep slumber. Bring hands back to chest, roll back to floor, and repeat until the right prince kisses you. 
The Broom Walk: 
Grab heavy weights and step up from floor to low step to high step, back down. Walk around, repeat.  Use the same leg to move up each time. Switch leading legs and do another set. 
Conducting Mickey Arm Raise: 
Using light or medium weights, start with arms down, palms out. Make an aggressive "come hither" motion and try to avoid hitting your face in the process. Anchor feet one in front of the other and lean forward/rock back for added movement. 
Stolen hat curl and tricep extensions: 
Using medium weights, squat down, grab the "hat", curl up as you stand up, bring weights above your head and dip them down. Raise arms back up, squat, and bring them back to the floor. Think of it like a REALLY big hat. 
Peter Pan: 
Taking flight: 
Suspiciously like a Superman, this move has you come onto your stomach, preferably on a slow step. Raise legs and arms (out to side of course), and lower. Focus on squeezing glutes and shoulderblades. Add light weights for added challenge. 
Gator Snatch: 
With light weights, put arms out in front as if  to simulate large, angry jaws of death and dismemberment. Open and close said jaws, making sure movement is controlled and slow. Alternate upper arm, either move by move or set by set. 
Walking the plank like a drama queen: 
Holding a single weight in both hands behind your back, step off tall step. Come back up and step off with other foot leading. 
Jungle Book: 
The Heteroquestionable Bear Dance: 
Front kicks with weighted punches. Flop the wrists for extra flair. 
The BearMonkey walk:
Using a resistance band, hook the band under both shoes and  hold the ends with hands. Keep palms facing floor, flex wrists, and anchor feet wide. Keep wrists flexed, come into wide squat, and lumber forward. 
I think that about covers it. I couldn't really find much for Beauty and the Beast, which makes me sad. So on that note, I'll leave you with this:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Classic Heavy Rock

Last week I got a fairly unanimous request for more "old metal" (not my term) including Styx (did you know they'd done more than that one song Cartman sang on Southpark??), Aerosmith, and The Eagles. I wasn't totally convinced that kind of collection would work, but I think I'm seeing a solid Strength ride in this mix:

Kashmir - Led Zepplin  -  8:30
Back On The Road Again  -  REO Speedwagon  -  5:27
Runaway  -  3:53
Go Your Own Way Fleetwood Mac  -  3:39
Life in the Fast Lane  -  The Eagles  -  4:47
Blue Collar Man  -  Styx 4:07
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)  -  Journey  -  5:28
What Kind of Love Are You On  -  Aerosmith 3:16
Get Over It  -  The Eagles  -  3:33
You Give Love A Bad Name  -  Bon Jovi  -  3:44
All Along The Watchtower  -  Jimi Hendrix  -  4:01
Desperado  -  The Eagles  -  3:34

Kashmir is the pre-warmup song to play while everyone's getting settled. It's a cool song and it makes me laugh because of Matt Damon, but it's too long and slow for class time. 

I'm sure this list is going to cause some "how could you leave out X" outrage, but's my playlist. :-) Seriously though, it's hard to find stuff that translates well to spin. There's a reason I stick to poppy junk most of the time, that's all I'm saying. 


It'll be a strength ride of some variation. Hills and whatnot. Shocker, I know. 

Aside from teaching 6 classes last week, I also spent 10+ hours out in the wind this weekend painting the house, and I think I'm still a little hung over from that. Seriously, the wind is more dehydrating than booze is. Anyway, I should probably go get dressed and whatnot.