Saturday, June 16, 2012

Alphabet Soup

In an effort to keep blogging, I'm going to try something new. Over the course of the week, I'm going to fill in the alphabet with random stuff that happens/comes up/seems interesting. It's going to get choppy and ugly, but at least it's content, right? I'll put the date at the end of each one, to give a rough timeline of when I wrote it. Maybe that'll help.'s fascinating, but I'm having a really hard time getting myself organized. Last night I made flash cards that may work. This morning I flipped through them on the bus. Didn't retain a damn thing, but I'm not giving up hope yet. (6/14)

Buses. Or more specifically, bus schedules and directions. Yesterday I decided to try the route that I'd need to take if I ever wanted to stay on campus past 6:15 PM (like, say, if I wanted to go to the gym ever). The first bus went ok. There were some colorful characters and I fell asleep for some of it, but it was ok. I got to the transfer station and ran across the street to run right onto my bus. At some point an hour or so later, everyone got off the bus and the driver just stared at me like I was supposed to do the same. Turns out, I'd gotten on the right bus going in the wrong direction. My stop is the last the other direction. So I rode the 31 from the middle to one end, then back to the other end. 2.5 hours after I left campus, I walked in my front door and made undercooked frozen pizza for dinner. It was a super day. (6/14)

Cooking. On that note, my cooking skills/motivation have gone from cooking from a new country every week to "that looks microwavable, let's just eat that." (6/14)

Damn. 26 is a lot of letters. (6/16)

Even if I don't finish all the letters by tomorrow, I'm still posting this. Because you guys deserve some kind of post, even if it's a crappy one. Look at T's worth it, I promise. (6/16)


Gluconeogensis. it happens in the liver but not the muscles. Thought you'd like to know. (6/14)

House. Hasn't sold yet. It's only been a month and a half, but still. It'd be nice for Nick to be out here. Somewhere along the line I got a little attached to him I guess. Go figure. (6/14)

Iliocostalis. It's one of the words that's been stuck in my head all week. That and thoracodorsal. Apparently, spell check doesn't include the medical dictionary. Go figure. Dammit is somehow a word though. (6/16)






Old Bay. Just found some in my brother's spice rack. It literally just saved dinner. Winnah. (6/16)


Quizzes - we had 2 the first weekend, which was conveniently the same weekend as the CO Tough Mudder. I may as well have been drunk while taking them Sunday night. Good news is, I got 100 on my first one and 70 on the other that's ok-ish. (6/11)

Rabbits. There are rabbits on campus. Lots of them. I'm not sure why this is so novel to me, but it is. I love it.

Sleep...turns out it's necessary. Less than 6 hours and I'm a puddle of sobbing mess by the time I get to campus. The day goes downhill from there. Last night I forced myself to be in bed by 11 (I get up at 5:30 now...seriously) and so far today feels better. Keep your fingers crossed. (6/14)

Tough Mudder. You knew it was coming. Enjoy:

Unexpected bummedness. My 10 year class reunion is tonight, and I'm at home (in another state, mind you) making tape outlines of the arteries of the arm (not to be confused with the brachial artery, which is just below the teres minor).

Yup, I'm that exciting now. (6/16)



Xyphoid process. There it is:

And now you know. (6/14)


Zero ability to finish this. Sorry. Maybe next week I'll be more interesting. Or I'll find something better than the alphabet to keep me motivated. Who's got a fun phrase I can use instead? Sub 20 letters plz.

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  1. I Like Spaghetti (Ilocostalis, Longissimus, Semispinalis). Mnemonics are your best friend in anatomy!