Saturday, December 8, 2012

Race Report: Ugly Sweater Run. Or: I'm Too Sober for This Run

Today I ran the Ugly Sweater 5k.


I guess I've been getting spoiled with all these smaller races. Last week's Rudolph Ramble had 400 or so runners. This week's run (not a timed race, but I'll get to that) had over 7000.

Seriously, 2000 more people than meters in this run. I guess that's what you get when a beer company sponsors it.

Naturally, I had to dress for the event. Nick's Aunt Kelly sent me this gem, which is not only hilariously festive, but it jingles.

That hat, sadly, stayed at the race. I put it in my pocket and it fell out somewhere on the course. I went back to look, but it was nowhere to be found. RIP Newfoundland were a good hat.


On a happier note, my pace improved on this course (City Park in Denver) compared to the Bare Leg Run in October:

 Bare legs official time was 26:30.
Ugly Sweater unofficial time (based on Nike Plus pace...totally not official) was 26:12. So, you know. Yay! :-)

Next run on the books (officially - I'm hoping to peer pressure my parents into running another one in Austin next weekend while I'm home) isn't until January, but I'm hoping to get myself into better workout habits between now and then. At the very least, I'm going to need to start running with the pup in the mornings since come January I'll be in clinic all day (YAY!). I just wish the sun came up before like 10 AM...

Anyway, that's today's rundown. There was a climbing comp I thought about going to tonight, but I'm going to save that $10 to put towards joining the Log n Blog team next month. :0) I'll go climb the problems tomorrow and bring some textbooks/powerpoints with me to study while I'm taking breaks.

Just 4 more days...

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