Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another weekend, another race

The Coal Creek Crossing 10 miler was a pretty solid race. Small, local (seriously, I ran back to my house to drop off my t shirt before hitting the start line), and great logo design.

The course was more dirt than I thought it'd be, which I think impacted my time a bit. My foot was also letting me know that 10 miles was maybe more than I should be doing right now, but I still managed to PR at this distance by around 6 minutes (compared to Garden of the Gods 10 miler). Still a few seconds shy of breaking 1:30 for 10 miles...argh. And I'm sure this coming weekend I'll be a few seconds shy of breaking 2 hours in the last half I'm signed up for (right now).

I know I've been terrible about blogging lately. That will likely continue, since the semester is starting to heat up (and it's only day 2...weeow).

I'm pretty stoked to be teaching a couple of Tabata cycling classes for the #fitsocial conference in a few weeks though. I'm thinking about coming up with a hashtag for my classes, so folks can tweet/instagram between Tabata rounds...any ideas? #pedalfaster? #strugglecycle? #fortheloveofgodwhydidicometothisclassagain?

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