Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Passing Out the Koolaid

Have I ever mentioned the fact that I have the Spinning koolaid pretty much IV'ed directly into my veins? I love it. I think it's hands down the best group exercise available. There's a social aspect to it without the (inevitable for me) humiliation of everyone else realizing you have no idea what you're doing. I mean, it's pedaling a don't even have to worry about the bike falling over!

That guy is better than I am at step-based anything.
I love spinning because it really is MY workout. No one else can tell if I'm working super hard (Ok, usually they can tell that) or if I'm slacking...even better, no one can tell how little resistance it takes some days to take me into the purple-faced expletive zone. At the end of class, everyone is sweaty, everyone is glowing, and everyone knows they gave it their all. There's no peer-pressurized guilt because no one else knows what you're doing. It's a beautiful thing.

All that to say, my parents are coming out to visit friends in a couple months, and they're staying at our place for a couple nights. Payment for spending Friday night at our house is coming to spin Saturday morning. I've already requested to teach that Saturday morning and guess what? My dad agreed to come to spin as long as Nick came too! I am beyond pumped about this! (A little nervous too, since this'll be his first class and if it turns out to be terrible he might not come back!) I'm already coming up with the playlist and profile and it's seriously almost 3 months from now. I can't wait.

So here's my question for you guys: my dad LOVES classic rock. Classic rock can be ok sometimes for spin, but not everything works. I want to make the playlist something he'll be able to sing along to, but I need remixes of stuff...think Eagles, Journey, etc. What's your favorite classic rock remix? Any band, any song. Why is it your favorite?

And just because you read all the way down, enjoy this guy hitting a pinata with a frozen fish. You're welcome.


  1. I am happy to have found your blog. I am also a group fitness instructor, certified in spin. Thursday is my early class day also. 6am! Looking forward to reviewing your profiles and playlist!

  2. Thanks guys! I'm hoping to post Sunday's profile tomorrow sometime.