Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Made it

This isn't a real post, I's just an "I'm not dead I promise" post with a couple of mollifying pictures to tide you over until there's internet in my brother's apartment that doesn't require me making friendly with the neighbors. (Next week sometime, fingers crossed.)

We made it to CO in one piece, kitty included.

 He's clearly been scarred by the whole thing and will never forgive me. Unless tuna is involved. Then it's ok.

Campus is GORGEOUS and every day has been 70s and sunny, all day. I freaking love it here you guys.

Today was the first day of orientation. I made friends and whatnot, and got a lot of information that had me alternately jumping up and down and breathing into a paper bag for support. Overall, it was a very positive day, and I'm 110% sure I made the right choice coming out here. Really, I can't express enough how happy I am to be in CO. It's my dream place, in every possible way...except the whole "hubs is still across the country" thing.

Seriously, anyone wanna buy a house in NH?