Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Classic Heavy Rock

Last week I got a fairly unanimous request for more "old metal" (not my term) including Styx (did you know they'd done more than that one song Cartman sang on Southpark??), Aerosmith, and The Eagles. I wasn't totally convinced that kind of collection would work, but I think I'm seeing a solid Strength ride in this mix:

Kashmir - Led Zepplin  -  8:30
Back On The Road Again  -  REO Speedwagon  -  5:27
Runaway  -  3:53
Go Your Own Way Fleetwood Mac  -  3:39
Life in the Fast Lane  -  The Eagles  -  4:47
Blue Collar Man  -  Styx 4:07
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)  -  Journey  -  5:28
What Kind of Love Are You On  -  Aerosmith 3:16
Get Over It  -  The Eagles  -  3:33
You Give Love A Bad Name  -  Bon Jovi  -  3:44
All Along The Watchtower  -  Jimi Hendrix  -  4:01
Desperado  -  The Eagles  -  3:34

Kashmir is the pre-warmup song to play while everyone's getting settled. It's a cool song and it makes me laugh because of Matt Damon, but it's too long and slow for class time. 

I'm sure this list is going to cause some "how could you leave out X" outrage, but's my playlist. :-) Seriously though, it's hard to find stuff that translates well to spin. There's a reason I stick to poppy junk most of the time, that's all I'm saying. 


It'll be a strength ride of some variation. Hills and whatnot. Shocker, I know. 

Aside from teaching 6 classes last week, I also spent 10+ hours out in the wind this weekend painting the house, and I think I'm still a little hung over from that. Seriously, the wind is more dehydrating than booze is. Anyway, I should probably go get dressed and whatnot. 

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