Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hitting my Stride

As long as I'm failing at doing anything related to school, I may as well blog about it. 

Today was a good day. It was a long day, with 6 hours of hands-on labs (literally, the first two hours were learning about myofascial release and trigger point therapy) and 4 hours of "make it count hands on experience building", but it was a good day. I feel like I'm finding my place here, even if it's not one that's photographed well with Instagram and whatnot. 

At lunch, we had a meeting for the Night Owls. It's basically a monthly parents' night out for parents of kids with special needs and their siblings. It provides one on one care for each kid, which is critical for some of these kids. I'm really excited to start volunteering in a couple of weeks! 

(Shameless plug: if this is at all something you're passionate about, Night Owls is run entirely on private donations...if you want to contribute, visit the link above and see what it's all about!)

After the 6th hour of lab ended, I took my poor aching body (mostly from climbing last night, but partly from some solid trigger point work this morning...ouch) over to the lab that pays me, to get started on the data processing grunt work. I won't lie, I actually kind of enjoy the monotony of click n wait data processing. It's like guilt-free down time...I'm not thinking too hard, but I'm still doing something. 

Too bad we hit a minor snag though, and the data wasn't as straight-forward as we'd hoped. I tend to have that effect on data sets. 

The whole thing resulted in me poking around the software, figuring out how they took the data from the machine and made it into the data that we were looking at, and feeling strangely at home. I guess you can take the girl away from testing but you can't take the testing away from the girl. Or something like that. 

Anyway, I should actually get to bed. But life is good, y'all. Life is good. 

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