Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spanning the Ages

I know, I know. I'm a terrible blogger.

Honestly, most of it stems from the fact that I really haven't been working out pretty much at all, and this blog was supposed to be about my journey as a fitness instructor. I did get an email requesting an audition a couple weeks back, but when I told her my schedule she never responded. Bummer too, since I was pretty excited about working at that particular club.

Now, I'm thinking I may start talking to local senior homes/centers about starting a Saturday or Sunday morning strength class. Nothing too fancy, just basic moves to promote strength, balance, and stability for the most fall-risky population.

Just like that. 
From a quick Google Images search, it looks like I'm not the only one with this idea...that's good.

I'm thinking this would be a win for everyone...there'd be one more activity (an active activity no less) for folks to do each week, and I would get to teach. I'd also get to learn more about the limitation varieties there are in that demographic, as well as how to cue for them. (So if I wanted people to practice sit to stands without using their arms, but someone isn't capable/comfortable with that, I would need to make sure to cue for the next step down with both proper instruction AND positive encouragement that makes sure the person knows they're doing well as long as they're doing their best.)

So that's my excuse for not writing more. That and the mountains of reading and homework I keep finding creative ways of putting off.

I have a feeling this is going to be the most "fun" semester. All the classes are geared towards making us useful at our first clinicals in January, so we've got a lot of toys and babies to play with. Last week alone I got to experiment with electrotherapy (NOT the same as electroSHOCK therapy...) and watch how a 3 year old plays...while holding her 3 month old brother.

My face exactly. It's been literally years since I've been within probably 10 feet of an infant, let alone holding one. Fortunately, this kid liked me a fair amount so that helped.

That's actually a strange thing that's been happening suddenly like me. His sister liked me. The neighbor kid LOVES me. I have literally no idea what to do with kids, so I just kind of stand there and try not to make any sudden moves. They freaking love that apparently. Go figure.

Anyway, I have some household chores to get done before I can work on my homework, which I need to get done in order to have a few minutes to sew this afternoon. So I should go. With any luck, I'll be posting chair workouts here soon. We'll see.

I get to learn to use that machine next week. It'll be on the final. 

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