Sunday, January 20, 2013

Polar Bear 5k Race Recap

Today was race #2 of the RunDenver series - the Polar Bear 5k. It was at Washington Park, which I'd never been to before today. It's pretty similar to City Park, but the course is simpler...just a loop and a bit:

I ran with both toys today too - the Nike+ and my new Garmin. According to Nike, I ran 3.4 miles. According to Garmin it was a regular ol' 5k. The race results line up with the Garmin, so as much as I'd rather believe Nike...well...

It was an ok run. It was cold cold cold starting out - when I left my car it was 27 degrees. By the time I got back, it'd warmed up to 50 - crazy!

This series has 2 more runs at the same park in the next 4 weeks, so it'll be cool to see how my times compare. I'm going to throw some speed work in my training to see if that helps. It feels like there's this wall at 8:30/mi that I just can't seem to get through up here. I can rock a 7:45/mi at sealevel, but at altitude? Nothing doing. Argh.

Today also started a 4 weekend streak for me. Next weekend is the Frost Giant 5k/10k up in Estes Park - and I'm running both, just because I can. Should be fun since it's even higher altitude than here. After that, there's the Superbowl and the Valentine 5ks, which are at Washington Park and part of RunDenver. Then there's a break, then on March 3 I have my half! So far I'm feeling confident that I can plod along and finish it. I'm hoping I'll be able to run the whole thing without walking, but we'll see. As much as I can't seem to go any faster than 8:30/mi, I don't seem entirely capable of going much slower than that either. So we'll see.

Anyway, that's the latest.

I got an email from a gym this week asking about an audition for spin instructor...I haven't set up a formal date yet, but keep your fingers crossed that this is the one - it's on campus, and I'm about ready to hold up a cardboard sign saying "will spin for free" or something to that effect. Every new top 40s boppy song that comes on makes me think of a new spin ride to teach...I'm dying here. I miss it.

And the shameless plug:

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What's on your race schedule? How's training going? What are you up to?

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