Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Triathlon Tuesday

Today was a good day. Clinic was good - I spent most of the day watching a knee replacement surgery, which was just crazy. It was so much more violent of a procedure than I expected...it just never registered that, in order to put hardware in your body, there's gotta be some bone crunching. Yikes yikes yikes. I definitely have a new appreciation for what my patients go through to get to the point that I'd be seeing them. Yikes.

So today started early, with a 30 minute run:

I've been running for distance for a while, and every couple of miles I find myself bored into stopping. This morning I decided to just go for time and told myself half an hour was all I needed to do, but I needed to do it. I brought a book (Warm Bodies, in case you're curious) and read while I ran, which helped a LOT.

I did it.

I know after seeing all these races this seems like no big deal, but if you look at the Nike+ logs, you'll see that there's usually at least one dip in there. Translation: I haven't actually run a full 5k. Every one of them has had at least a short break, somewhere in the middle. So for the race this weekend, my goal is to knock that off - I want to run the full 5k without stopping because, in the end, I can. I just get bored.

So that was this morning.

Tonight, I caught the 6:30 spin class. It was meh. Not my style I guess. But I got it done, so that's that.

After spin, I hit the pool for a while and put in half a mile (which Log n Blog counted as a full mile, so I'll be back in the pool later this week to make up the difference). I was a little bit kicking myself for quitting at half a mile, but then I went to get out of the pool and ate it and knew that was the right choice. My poor knee has some minor road rash now, courtesy of the pool deck.

Ah well.

I think today's going to be the start of a tradition though - Triathlon Tuesdays. I'm going to aim to run in the morning, then bike and swim in the evenings. We'll see how long that keeps going once classes start up again next week.

On that note, I'll leave you with the music video for the song that got me through the last few laps:

 Possibly one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. "Ladies, you just lay there while we look rich on a boat with sweet dance moves. Yeah, just like that."

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