Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oh Hai.

I guess I never wrote about my first half, huh?

The gist of it:

I finished. I did better than I'd hoped, but it felt AWFUL. I wasn't the only one that felt awful though, so I didn't feel too badly.

At the end of the race, my brother ran backwards in front of me for a bit to get a couple of awesome pictures:

Not yay! 
My time was 2:06:38, which I'm happy with. Considering I had to walk most of mile 8 because of bonk, that's not awful. IN case you feel like joining me, here's what's coming up:

 Don't judge - I know that's a lot of races. I'm addicted. I know. Oh well.

Spin has been going well too. Next week's class is going to be epic I think. Like, superhero epic. Mentally challenging, physically brutal (if you're doing it right), but rewarding. Should be awesome.

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