Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Tuesday, Another Playlist

Looks like I forgot to post last week's playlist.

30-min Electro Swing Mix (1) 29:12
Paramore - Crush Crush Crush (DjTaly 4:38
Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) Lady Gaga 4:16
Fall (Remixed By M83 VS Big Black Delta) Daft Punk 3:55
Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) Big & Rich 3:22
P!nk - Try (Cosmic Dawn Radio Edit) 4:18
Follow Me Follow Me (Fast 5 Hybrid Remix) Tejo Black Alien and Speed 3:08
Nicki Minaj Pound the Alarm Remix [R 4:43
Haddaway - What Is Love 2013 (Andrew 6:04
Zombie (Techno Remix) 5:22
Barbara Streisand (Original Mix) Duck Sauce 5:00
Linkin Park - In The End (DJ Yoj Rem 4:30
Celine Dion - I Drive All Night 5:19
Imprint DoubleDrive 4:00

That first song was just the "welcome to class, find a bike" song, obviously. The ride was a modified version of the Road Trip spin. Same basic ride, just a couple of extra hills thrown in for good measure.

This week's playlist is this:

Spaceman The Killers 4:47
The Longest Day of My Life Armin Van Buuren 10:23
Nicki Minaj Pound the Alarm Remix [R 4:43
Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch- Sw 3:28
Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worr 3:24
059 - Ke$ha - Take It Off DJ Willis (williswho.com) 3:35
I Want You To Want Me (Live) Cheap Trick 3:38
Some Nights Fun. 4:37
Set Fire to the Rain (House Remix) Capt Kirk 3:26
Danger Zone (Album Version) Kenny Loggins 3:38
Bulletproof La Roux 3:26
Titanium David Guetta Feat Sia 4:05
Eminem - Lose Yourself Eminem 5:26
Stubborn Love by The Lumineers (Lyri 4:33

It's going to be a "ride to the music" kind of week. Honestly, I haven't even listened to that playlist anyway, so it will likely change up a bit before class anyway.

That's about it. We're hitting midterms, so it's been and will continue to be a bumpy week.

Oh, and I ran my first half marathon on Sunday. So there's that.

Maybe soon there will be a race recap, since that was kind of a big deal race for me. 2:06:38, which isn't too shabby considering it was my first and I was just hoping to finish in one piece.


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