Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Irish Pyramid

God bless Christina, I think she's just making up excuses to let me sub her classes now.  Not that I'm complaining at ALL.  :-D  I'm teaching again tonight, and since tomorrow is St. Patty's day, the musical selection will have a definitive Irish slant to it.  So far, all I've managed to do is put my Flogging Molly discography on shuffle and smile.

We've moved into the strength part of periodization, which was a shock to my poor, endurance-spoiled system last night.  I didn't realize how luxurious those purely-aerobic workouts were until we went above.  Yikes.  In light of that, here's what tonight's profile looks like:

 Unfortunately, the best way I could come up with (in 5 minutes of hacking around) to get this info to the interwebs was to print my profile to a PDF, then save that PDF to an image file, then upload it.  Hooray cludgey!  If you know of a better way, I'm all ears.

This is tonight's playlist.  As you can  see, I'm abusing the fact that tomorrow is St. Patty's day, but I did try to add some other stuff (and by other stuff I mean British that PC?) as well.  What's on your green playlist? 

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