Friday, April 27, 2012

Make Time to Stretch

So I just got done teaching a lunch time spin class. I LOVE having that break in the day...I don't do well with working out in the morning, and lunch workouts break up the day nicely. The only problem though, is that it's a 45 minute class and my lunch break is technically an hour.


I usually end up taking an hour and a half when I spin, mostly because I know my coworkers appreciate it when I shower post-diaphoresis. (Woah big words.)

So the workout is 45 minutes, the drive is about 15 minutes total, and shower/dressing time is 25 minutes (don't judge, I like my showers). So that leaves about 5 minutes to stretch, which is nearly never enough. What ends up happening looks like this: 

11:45: leave work, head to gym. 
11:50: get to gym, get changed, head upstairs
12:00: set up for class and talk to folks as they come in
12:15: class starts. ride hard and whatnot. 
12:55: cool down and stretch
1:00: hustle back down to locker room to shower and change
1:20: back in the car
1:30: at my desk, starving. make lunch, carry on with my day. 

So after 40ish minutes of hard work, we stretch for not long enough, then go back and sit at our desks for the rest of the afternoon. 

Sounds like a good plan, right? Not so much. 

If you're a lunchtime warrior, the 4ish hours post-workout can determine how you feel the next day. Particularly if you're working a desk job, getting up to walk around and stretch every 20 minutes or so (or at least every hour) is going to help a LOT. Doubly so if you're just getting back into a workout routine and you're pushing your limits already. 

Here's a great tutorial with some lower body stretching you can do at your desk, even if you're sharing cube space. Even if it seems goofy at first, you never know who you may inspire to get more active by not being shy about your routine! 

Now, if you want to get really outgoing with your stretching, here are a few other suggestions: 

Standing desk pigeon.  
Hike a leg up and lean on over.  You can do this in the break room too, particularly if you want to "claim" a table or counter.

Commandeering the Boardroom
This one works better the higher up the corporate ladder you are. That said, the shock value is much higher if you're a lowly peon. 

Crying calf stretch
This one's a good one if you're an attention seeker. Go make some coffee around 2:28, strike this pose, and wait for everyone else to come in for their coffee and ask if you're crying. 

"How clean are these floors?"
That hamstring stretch could get you a raise if you do it right. Just saying. 

And last but not least, here's one for those of you who don't work a desk job: 

Those last two should be done in rapid sequence for maximum efficiency and awkwardness. 

Seriously though, there are no limits to how you can stretch at work. If you're really that embarrassed about it, book a conference room for 15 minutes at 3 PM and lock the door. Even better, be ballsy about it and schedule a 15 minute meeting for a few coworkers, and lead everyone in some stretching. 

Because let's face it...chances are, you're all wearing more clothing than this team is. 

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  1. You made me laugh today! I can relate to almost everything you say. I have yet to leave my "perfect" profile in the printer, but have left mine on the roof of my car & as I'm preparing to start class realize it is somewhere on the side of the road.