Tuesday, October 1, 2013

One Foot in Front of the Other, Repeat

At this very moment, I'm waiting for the town library to open so I can take my stuff down there and pretend I really want to write this paper that's due in 2 days.

That's about where I'm at though.

I was just reading back over some of my old posts (mostly to put together a playlist for tonight), and man...I was really excited to be in fitness at one point. The thing is, I still love it. During the day it seems like just one more thing to do, but without fail, I walk out of every class feeling better about myself and life in general.

Yesterday I taught 2 classes - tabata in the AM and then subbed for Rachel in the PM. Here's the playlist (which I'm 100% in love with and could play for another 5 classes if it weren't for everyone else getting bored with it):

For Tabata, I just use whatever PowerMusic mix feels right at the time. I find that the standardized BPM mixes are working well for that class...keeps the energy up consistently and gives one less thing to focus on outside of how hard you're working.

I went to #fitsocial this weekend (a little of it anyway) and had a blast. I wish I'd had more time to attend more of the sessions, but alas...staring into space hoping this paper writes itself doesn't happen on its own. I'll have a more formal post about that later this week, hopefully. I may even put together a review post for the Soybu top I got as SWAG. It may be my new favorite, so stay tuned.

Anywho. Here's tonight's playlist:

We're going to ride the Deceptive Intervals ride, but adding 60 seconds on either end so the whole set is 11 minutes each. With 2 minutes rest between each, that's about 50 minutes of work. w00t.

Anyway, I should go stake out my desk at the library.


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