Friday, November 18, 2011

Down Days

Wednesday night was fun...only one person showed up for spin, so we spent most of the time just talking while we worked out. It was relaxed and fun. I can handle one-on-one spin classes a lot better than one-on-one strength, that's for sure.

I haven't done a damn fitness-related thing (except volunteer to sub another class next week) since then. Go me.

In lieu of interesting things, here's the description of how we're playing Duck Duck Turkey (because it's almost Thanksgiving) this weekend:

Basically, the whole class gets on a moderate hill. One person volunteers to be the first "turkey" (the first person being "chased"), which only means that their time gets split up over the very first and the very last slot. I walk around and pick another "turkey" (the chaser) and as soon as I yell turkey the two of them take off and sprint it out while I go pick someone else. At the end of 30 seconds, I'll have picked a new turkey, and when I yell turkey again, the first turkey stops and the newly appointed one starts sprinting, to chase the previously picked one. So total, each person is basically sprinting for 60 straight seconds, except the first person who gets it split up over 2 sessions. Sort of like this, if you had 8 people in class:

Chased Chaser
1           2
2           3
3           4
4           5
5           6
6           7
7           8
8           1

In the middle I could yell "gobble" and everyone would have to sprint for 30 seconds (then recover for 30 before starting up where we left off), and for the already chased folks, I'd have them add resistance every 30-60 seconds to keep interest up.

It sounds more complicated than it seems in my head.


  1. I'm super excited to hear about how awesome people think spin duck duck goose is.

  2. Fantastic, sound alike great fun :-)