Monday, November 21, 2011

Duck Duck Turkey and Stuff

Saturday was fun. The first class had 22 participants, so I cut the time down to 20 seconds a piece for the Duck Duck Turkey portion. I think people had was interesting walking around the room so much anyway. The second class had only 8 people in it, so I just ran the profile and skipped the game.

It's funny the difference half an hour makes...the 8:30 AM group they call the "weekend warriors" and they just want to be punished. It felt a little Animal Houseish after a while:

It was almost like I couldn't make them work hard enough - especially this one character in the back that kept yelling "thank you" every time I told them to turn the resistance up. I couldn't tell if he was joking or not, so I kept telling them to add it on. Bizarre.

The 10 AM group was there for a workout, not a beating. We did the same profile, minus the game, and it was much less sadistic. They worked hard, but they also seemed to appreciate it when I encouraged them. The 8:30 group seemed to want a drill sergeant.


Anyway, tonight I'm teaching FIT then strength, if anyone shows up. I won't lie, I have nothing planned yet. Not even a little. I should get on that I guess. The FIT group is usually fun and may be open to doing stuff that involves leaving their little workout bubble. Not sure if I have the time to get very creative at this point though...we'll see. Since the FIT class is supposed to be mostly cardio, I may adopt Queen Jillian's format and do 6 minute sets: 3 minutes cardio, 2 minutes strength, 1 minute abs. Actually, that sounds totally reasonable. Let's go with that.

I have a new fitness goal. I want to be so little I can do this to a client and not break their kneecaps. I wonder if she's wearing a harness. 
In other news, I got some really great news last week that I want to tell everyone, but I'm not really going public (read: I can tell the internet, but not most folks in my real life world) with it yet. I'm not pregnant. But it could have that level of financial ramification. We'll see.

Oh, and I painted the house this weekend. Again. Seriously, the novelty has worn off.

Before all the work:
With the new siding: 
And finally, a fresh coat of paint. Still need one more coat at least, but it's progress anyway.


  1. You early class sound like a class act, nothing like a bit of whoop-ass early (or so I hear!!).

  2. I'm stoked your game went over well! And I would let jill stand on me any day of the week, but she's like, five feet tall I think.