Tuesday, November 15, 2011


That's really all there is to say right now. Just got in from a great weekend in TX with my parents and grandparents (grandmom even went to spin!) and now back to a completely slammed life. Work is a hot mess and I'm teaching on 8 of the next 12 days. 10 total classes, maybe 11. So there's that. I also need to put in work on Christmas gifts, write a term paper, take a midterm, write up another lab report, take a quiz, do 2 chapters' worth of homework and discussions, and sleep.

In other news, I think I figured out how to play Duck Duck Goose in spin class. Gonna be giving that a whirl this weekend to practice teaching off bike.

I'll be back in action sometime this week, I promise. Maybe.


  1. I can't even figure out how one would play duck duck goose in a spin class, so you'll have to explain.

  2. Agreed, full explanation required ... maybe with some backup video footage??!!