Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In Which a Series of Unfortunate Decisions Leads to Near Disaster

For the first time ever, last night I very nearly couldn't finish teaching a class. Not in an "oh I haven't worked out and by butt hurts too much" kind of way but in an "all blood just drained from my face and I'm about to eat my Reebok step involuntarily" kind of way.

Let me explain.

Monday night, we got back from a (great) trip home to Texas to see my parents. We had a 20 minute layover and got in 5 minutes late, so dinner was cheese straws and airplane peanuts. On the way home, we went to Taco Bell, which is simply never a good idea. I got the nachos, which, again, is never a good idea.

When it tastes like vomit on the way in, you know you're making a poor decision.
Went to bed, no big.
Work yesterday was the usual onslaught of emails and catchup meetings, in addition to more of the upper-management-induced panic that's going to color the rest of my year. By the time I left, I was strung out and jittery from stress alone. Lunch was mediocre (a too-salty wrap that I only managed to get half of down before chucking the rest of in China wouldn't have eaten it either) and around 4 I decided I probably needed at least a *few* token calories in my system, so I went down and grabbed what was there at the cafe...naturally, that was a healthy apple whoopie pie.

After another couple of meetings, I finally left for the gym, having downed only about 20 oz of water for the day. On the way into the gym, one of the regulars, who I'd called out (in a manner I thought was in good fun) 2 weeks ago for talking too much in class, caught up to me and gave me an earful about why it was that she and some others were hyper sensitive to being called out for talking in class. So that's a great way to start teaching a regular class.

So by the time I even walked into the room, I was completely fried. Add to that the facts that a) I still haven't really found my style with this kind of class, so I still feel like a total fraud, and b) I'm taking over for Leanne, who has somehow become her own variant of Greek goddess in my mind, and suddenly we're doing shoulder shapers and my heart rate just skyrocketed and I had to step to the sound closet to pretend I was futzing with the controls and not trying to keep the floor below me, the ceiling above me, and my heart from complete mutiny.

Not a good night.

But I survived, and I'm only mildly embarrassed about it.


In other news, I'm teaching spin tonight, then twice on Saturday morning. Next week I'm teaching strength Monday (if anyone shows up, HAH!) and Tuesday, FIT then spin Wednesday, spin Friday, then spin again on Sunday. I'm going to feel absolutely justified in gorging myself on Thursday.

And because my mom reads this blog (hi mom!) I won't post it, but go Google "thanksgiving overload" (without the quotes) and check out the bottom of the second page. Google, you're a winner.


  1. Well, I couldn't find what I think you meant us to find, but I did find this:, which was just absolutely freakin' adorable.

    I hope you don't mind if I laughed at your post - not schadenfreude, but more like commiseration :)

    Just don't gorge at Taco Bell. Maybe have something like, oh I don't know, turkey, a few potatoes, some corn... ;)

  2. You survived, and that's the important part. Not every class can be all around awesome. And that's okay.