Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Remix This

So last Thursday night my mom and I went to Alicia's spin class, which was awesome. I rarely get motivated to take other instructors' spin classes anymore, which is bad...I forget how much great music there is outside the usual top 40s stuff.

So, playing off her great ride last week and keeping with my "all or nothing" mentality, here's this week's playlist:

Braveheart Theme - Techno Remix
Send Me An Angel (remix) - DJ-Paul Oakenfold
Adagio for Strings  -  DJ TiĆ«sto
Utah Saints Take on the Theme from Mortal Kombat  -  Utah Saints
The Longest Day of My Life  -  Armin Van Buuren
The Game Has Changed  -  Daft Punk
Guilty of Being Innocent of Being Jack Sparrow  -  (Remixed by DJ Earworm) Hans Zimmer
Extra - Requiem For A Dream - Remix2
Afrika Shox  -  Leftfield Feat. Afrika Bambaataa
Where Is My Mind?  -  Yoav

The first half is pretty light, maybe even funny if you know the reference. (Maybe Mortal Kombat will go over better than Street Fighter, who knows.) Once the Armin Van Buuren song (courtesy of Alicia) hits though, things get heavy and we're in full-on boss mode. The first half is going to be quick, possibly with some jumps, and focused on moving our feet faster. The second half is going to be a solid, heavy climbing battle. 

And even as I'm writing this, I'm losing confidence in the idea of it...I hate that. I personally would love to work out to this mix. BUT. It's not just my workout, and I can't just mumble vague instructions that sound nothing like what's in my head (seriously you guys, I'm totally eloquent in my head...honest.) SO I dunno. Who knows, with the 70s+ weather we're having again today, maybe it's a moot point anyway. 

Who knows. 

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