Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let's Get Awkward

Tonight's another 90s night ride and man am I looking forward to busting out some good ol' middle school memory triggers.

The premusic is the dialogue mix of My Heart Will Go On, because I can. Seriously, if you can't recite the song in its entirety, dialogue included, you clearly did not grow up in the same '90s that I did. Man oh man. The rest of it is pretty self-explanatory.

My Heart Will Go On (Dialogue Mix) - James Horner
Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)  -  The Offspring
Be My Lover  -  La Bouche
C & C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat
The Call  -  Backstreet Boys
Waiting For Tonight [1999]  -  Jennifer Lopez
Livin' La Vida Loca [1999]  -  Ricky Martin
Macarena [1996]  -  Los Del Rio
Baby One More Time  -  Britney Spears
Just A Girl  -  No Doubt
Genie In A Bottle  -  Christina Aguilera
Children  -  Robert Miles
Summer Girls  -  LFO
Save Tonight  -  Eagle-Eye Cherry

The profile is the same one I did on Sunday, but the 45 minute version. Basically it's just increasing intervals of the 5 core moves: seated flat, standing flat, jumps, seated climb, standing climb. Start out with 1 minute each, then 2, then 3. That's half an hour of working time right there, so I'll probably add another 5 minute hill on to the end just for kicks to finish it out strong. 

Is Abercrombie and Fitch still relevant? I feel like it was a bigger deal back in the day. 

In other news, I feel like I've hit a turning point with my back. It's not feeling any better, but it suddenly feels like it's going to get better know like that day of a cold that you're SUPER sick but you know the next day you'll be over it? Like that. Here's hoping.

We've also got a little interest in the house already (YAY!) so we're having a mini-showing on Sunday. If you wanna buy a house, lemme know. No fair coming just for the cookies. I subbed out my class on Saturday (the second to last Saturday class I'm teaching...sigh) to help take stuff to the dump. So fun. But hey, we've got to clean up the wrestling ring in the back yard so our potential buyers can have a proper bidding war, right? 

Dramatic spandex clothing required at closing. We'll provide spit buckets and ref. 

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