Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Meant to post this before class tonight, but work kept getting in the way.  Pshaw, who needs to pay the bills, huh?

In any case, this was tonight's ride.  4 hills, with one little set of sprints thrown in for good measure.  It's week 5 of our strength segment, so it's getting harder to impress these guys.  I think I take for granted how hardcore my Wednesday night group is.  We've been training together for over a month now, and I just assume that if they can do it, anyone else can (at least to a degree).  They never complain, and on occasion I'll get a "great workout", but not since week 1 of strength rides have I heard anyone comment on the difficulty.

I taught at lunch today too, and used a ride I taught a few weeks ago. Suffice it to say, I think their regular instructor doesn't take it to quite that level.  I happen to love that's ROUGH, but man it feels like you've accomplished something at the end.  I used a better playlist though. At the end, I got quite a few "wow, that was hard!" (but in a good way) comments.  It seemed to be a big hit, and I was proud of them for sticking it out.  I mean, if you do it right, it is a really tough ride.

I need to go get some work done, so I'll have to post tonight's playlist later.  I'll also need to write it down before syncing my iPod again, since apparently my iPod decided not to sync the last time I told it to, and kept the Backstreet Boys on there.  Sigh.  At least I can serve as comic relief.  Bah dum ching.

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