Sunday, April 3, 2011

Peer Pressure Isn't Always Bad

This week while I was logging my hours at the desk, one of the personal trainers walked up with a new client.  They were talking about his training schedule and whether he should do PT and TRX this week.  He was hemming and hawwing so I leaned over and said "If you're looking for someone to peer pressure you into doing both, I'm pressuring you into doing both."  He laughed and said "oookkkk...I'll do both". I told him I teach spin on Wednesday, so if he's unhappy about his choice he can come and tell me about it on a bike.
See?  Peer pressure isn't always bad.  Read on for more examples of peer-pressurized silliness.

Yesterday I went to two CEC classes: Rate of Perceived Exertion and Race Day.  Both were really good classes, but Race Day definitely was my favorite.  We did a Lactate Threshold ride, and I found out my LT is 89% of MHR, which is 178 BPM.  I plan on doing that ride again in a couple months after I've trained more, to see how far I've come. I didn't feel like I gave up at any point, but there were definitely a few points where I was frustrated with the fact that I simply couldn't keep pushing at that level. We have a few race day rides coming up in about 5 weeks, at the end of our periodization, so I'm looking forward to having something to train for.

I tried to find an inspirational "Race Day" picture, then decided I needed a friendly reminder that I did, at one point, race.  So here ya go, in all my pre-tri glory:

Foxy, I know.

Speaking of something to train for...

Yesterday, I got a message on facebook that my mother in law wants to do the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in January.  My cousin in law also wants to do it, and so does my mom.  By extension, so do I.  So that's my cue to get up off the bike and start running again I guess.  I think by the end of the year I'll have convinced myself I want to do a full marathon.  Just to check the box, you know?

I also signed up for the Tough Mudder in a month, and while I had looked at the course previously and had decided it was hard but doable, I looked at it again last night and wasn't sure what part made me think "doable".  There's even a jump off a 15 foot platform into water.  Have I mentioned that I've never *actually* jumped off a high-dive before?  Nope.  Bungee jumped, rappelled down 120+ ft rock walls, but jumped into water from a really high place with no rope attached?  Count me out.  Until May 8th apparently.  Geez.

OMG part of it involves them shooting the snow makers at you???  Crimeny.

Well, at least we get a free beer out of it at the end.  Any ideas on what to wear to this catastrophe?  I'm running it with my friend Julie, so a duo outfit is even better.

Also, Tough Mudder proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior project.  If you'd like to donate to the cause, go here and look me up.  It's a good cause.

I'm also looking at doing a century ride this summer (the only race Nick will do with me), and I think I found one in the end of June that's doable and cheap.  Actually, after some yelling over the washing machine, it's been decided...we're going to do that ride.  So June 26th, everyone come to New Haven, CT and cheer us on!

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  1. Rate of Perceived Exertion and Race Day classes sound AWESOME!! I love that stuff...Im such a geek.

    Thanks for stopping my my blog today, that Mainiac pic is from 2010 and if you thought 2009 was rough water, glad you skipped it in 2010. So I can't count on you to show up in 2011 can I???

    Open water I love--pool swimming scares me!! HA