Friday, April 8, 2011

Scaling the Seven Seas

Ok, well not seas, peaks.  But you get it.

Last night was a fun (last minute) ride.  The profile was seven total hills, sort of lumped into 2ish hills.  Each one was meant to simulate the highest peak on a continent.  I picked music with a little bit of creative liberty (for example, Pitbull is from Brazil, so he got play during the South American peak...Final Countdown is by Europe, so they were played during the European peak).  Overall, I think it was a hit.  If I'd had more time to prepare, I could have done some more research about each peak, but then I would have just ended up talking more.  This profile is a modified version of one I got from a fellow instructor on, so don't go thinking I'm the creative genius behind it 100% or anything.  I shortened it to fit 45 minutes, modified the cues to match my music a little better, and changed the music 100% from what he suggested.

I would have LOVED to have a projection screen for this ride, but instead we just had our imaginations.  Maybe that was better anyway. :-)

Tomorrow I'm going for a long ride outside, to start actually training for this century fiasco.  I rode from the auto shop to my house this morning and it felt WONDERFUL.  I can't wait get back out!

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