Thursday, April 21, 2011


I got to class last night and sat down to look over the profile...and decided I didn't like it at all.  So I did some musical playlisting and flipped some stuff around and pulled out this profile instead.  I actually really liked it.  Nick came with me last night, and he says he's sore this morning...which makes me feel good because I followed along with it at about 85% and wasn't sore at all.  (The pushups Rose made me do still have me achey though...go figure.)

There was a lot of bouncing around, but it was a fun ride, in my opinion.  I wasn't crazy about the playlist (my iTunes keeps randomly deleting songs for me...thanks for that), but it worked.  Classes are getting smaller as the weather keeps getting warmer.

This was actually the last Wednesday I was officially scheduled to teach...I'll be back to subbing lots over the summer, but I don't think I'm scheduled to teach again for over 2 weeks.  Blerg.  Oh well, that gives me time to come up with something really fun for that class.  :-)  8:30 AM, you in?

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