Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Busy Week

Busy month, really. I may be MIA for most of the rest of the year, actually. I know, shame on me. Work's been nuts, Christmas is happening

whether I like it or not, and hubs is in his own world until Sunday when his classes are over. The upshot of him being so busy is that it'll be like dating him all over again come next week...awkward conversations at the dinner table (we haven't eaten together in like 3 weeks), a lot of lingering silences, and enough wine to take the edge off the whole experience. Should be fun. Seriously though, he's working his butt off for this school stuff and I miss him like crazy, but that's what we get for making our dreams happen...right?


Speaking of making dreams happen, I got the official "you're accepted" email from U Indy today. I won't lie, I was a little bit starting to think that last week's phone call had been a prank. In fact, I had a dream about it last mind even created the text for the "oops we called the wrong person" email I was destined to get. Yeah, my self esteem is off the charts high, I know.

That's about all I've got right now...sorry I haven't been more interesting lately.

Oh, on Tuesday I had us sit on a balance ball and do Russian twists with a body bar instead of a medicine ball. It basically forces you to really twist your upper body (you can cheat with the medicine ball). My ribs hurt today. I wasn't aware how many oblique muscles I've been cheating by not really doing those right. Oof.

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  1. It sounds like I've never done Russian twists right. And I'm okay with that.