Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Well is it?

All day today, I've been a space cadet. I didn't sleep too well last night, and I've had a mild to moderately throbbing headache all day, which goes well with the moderate to severe anxiety and stress of returning to work after a time away. It's not even like I took time off...I actually didn't. I even worked over the weekend. But it was just SO nice to be on a connection so slow that I couldn't get emails telling me things had to be done yesterday, and in a different format than before.

All day today, I've been thinking, "is it the 18th? yes? no. no. damn. Wait...is it the 18th??" As if 2 hours is 2 weeks. In my head, it sounds like this kid:

"It's the 18th? No?"

So that's where I'm at.

In other news, UC Denver invited me out to interview as well...yay!!! I'm actually kind of torn on this one. I love Denver. Love it. Love the mountains, love the fact that my brother lives sort of out there, love that I have an aunt and uncle and cousins out there. However. We just found out that there's a pretty nasty pitbull ban that's county-wide. Like, "drive your pitty through our city and we'll kill it" bad.

That means that our little menace to society would be at risk. I'm not sure what the towns around Denver have for legislation, but it's definitely unsettling.

It really stinks because I love the school and it's been my #1 choice since I started applying. But barring some very good news from a local shelter or something, or a full-ride scholarship that would show the world I can be bought (as long as I can live outside county limits with my pup), I'm not sure it's an option anymore.

I'm still going out though, since there has to be a way around it...right? Denver folk, any help?

Moving on.

Tonight I'm teaching back to back classes. I didn't want to...in fact, I've so enjoyed having not done a darn thing since Wednesday that I debated requesting a sub. But the girl who teaches after me had some school thing (translation: kid's PTA meeting >> finals week) and couldn't find anyone, so I begrudgingly said ok. It really is finals week, and the last one I need to take isn't going to be pretty. I also have a crapton of Christmas stuff to get done, and the house is in its "no one has taken care of me since August" state right now, which is losing its novelty fast.

That actually made me feel better. My kitchen is not that bad. Not nearly that bad. Even at its worst, it's not that bad. Ick.

Anyway, so that's what's up. Space cadet, anxiously awaiting news, trashed house, new interview, and classes to teach.

What's going on in your world?

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