Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winnahh and Amateur Hour

First up, holy crap I won an internet! Yay, go me! I can't wait to try it out!!

Second, Christmas. I don't have pics yet, but they'll come.

On Saturday, hub's dad took me, my sister in law, and her friend to the gym for an aerobics class. It was fun...it was also an ego boost to realize how far I've come since the last time I went to one of the classes at his gym. It's mostly the 50+ crowd there, and mostly people who are there avoiding the slopes (he lives basically at a ski resort) for one reason or another, so the workout was...less than intense. SIL and friend are Crossfit junkies, and you know my routine, so we were in the back of the class looking like pros with the heavy weights and whatnot. It was good times.


You'd think that I'd be better prepared to hit the gym, all things considered. You'd think wrong. I not only didn't have shoes (I'd brought spin shoes, but that class was full), I somehow also managed to forget a sports bra. Fortunately, I had a bathing suit, so I rocked the top like I'd just come in off the beach to work out a bit. They had loaner shoes at the front as well, so that...helped...

Something like that.

It was fun, anyway.

Tonight I'm teaching Strength then FIT, back to back. First time teaching these classes in 2 or so weeks, so that should be fun. Spin tomorrow, Thursday (5:30 PM), and Saturday (10 AM).

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