Thursday, December 29, 2011


I really don't have much interesting to say, and I'm completely and utterly fried today. So here's a series of useless facts about me and my day.
Trivia. Look it up. 

Dunkin' Donuts is pretty much never a good idea, but when I do go I get exactly two things (or sometimes just one, but mostly it's two): a large iced caramel swirl, black with sugar, and a pumpkin muffin. Combined, if I ate/drank the whole things, we're looking at 92 g of sugar. Breakfast of champions. However, by the time I get through the top of the muffin and about half the coffee, I'm bouncing off the walls so hard that the rest ends up going stale/watery by lunch. So maybe only 46 or so g of sugar. For reference, a bag of skittles has 47 g. And I wonder why I bonk by lunch.

Hospitals don't faze me. Maybe it's because I basically grew up in one (on the good side - the dr's side), but even in the chaotic areas (think ER, OR, etc), I don't hate it. That bodes well for my future as a PT, right?

I'm teaching spin tonight (5:30 at the Executive) and Saturday, 10 AM. I realized that Saturday's class is the last one of the year, so I'm trying to come up with a good sendoff profile based on a summary of the year. Stay tuned.
Suggestions welcome. 

I'll admit, I got to work late this morning. But I was online until about 10, then off until about 12:30. In that time, I got >13 emails, 9 of which were regarding the fact that our office HVAC is on the fritz again. Normally it's a roll your eyes kind of thing, but today our office manager is, well, out of the office. Poor guy just wanted a day off, but no dice. So somehow this showed up at my desk.

Yeah that's 8 or so space heaters. I hadn't gotten to read my emails yet, so this was...perplexing. Turns out, I'm now the keeper of the heat, so I get to barter with my office mates if they want to type without mittens on. I see a lot of reclaimed Yankee Swap losses in my future. Muahaha.

Tonight's playlist isn't abnormal:

I Will Love Again - Baracuda
Blackout  -  Breathe Carolina
Panic Switch  -  Silversun Pickups
Blow  -  Ke$ha
Americano  -  Lady Gaga (If you haven't heard this one, check it out. It's about the only good Gaga I've heard lately.)
Good Feelin  -  Flo-Rida
Love in America  -  JTX
Once Upon A Time In Mexico - Cucka Rocka
United State of Pop 2011 (World Go Boom)  -  DJ Earworm
Papi  -  Jennifer Lopez
Danza Kuduro Feat Lucenzo  -  Don Omar
Jai Ho  -  A. R. Rahman Ft Nicole Scherzinger
Samson  -  Regina Spektor

That one in the middle is the latest from DJ Earworm, and it's a free download. Check it out. 

On that note, I'm going to crawl under my desk and power nap until class.

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  1. For the last class of the year you should do lots of high intensity count downs.