Friday, April 13, 2012

Finish What You Started Friday

I won't even try to take credit for that, but I still think it's a clever idea and a great way to end the week.

Lately I feel like my weeks and my weekends are two completely separate lives, and the only times they meet are on weeknights. I only wish I had some cool alterego that I could blame for being exhausted come Monday morning.

Unrelated: I'm on Pinterest now, and am going to do my best to make a habit of pinning the original source of each picture I steal from the internet, as well as the search phrase that landed me there. You know, for posterity.


This week's been a good week. I've worked out every day since Monday (even if it was only 12 minutes of Bodyrock last night...still counts), and I've gotten a lot accomplished on the house.

We decided to hire a contractor to fix up the siding, rather than have me take a week off of work to do it myself. Everyone's happier this way, trust me. So we're giving that guy a deposit today, and this morning I ordered the actual siding for it. This weekend I get to hang out at Lowe's and get corner boards, plywood, and windows. I know, so exciting.

I thought if I left this open for long enough I'd have something interesting to say, but I don't. Sorry about that.

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