Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back in Action!

Hello!  Miss me?  Yeah yeah, I get it, not that interesting.

Well in case you did, a (very) brief recap of the week: 

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Friday: Left NH, drove to DE (hi...we're in...Delaware...). Stayed at sketchy motel after being turned down by angry Indian for having a dog (they said they were pet friendly on the phone...they lied). 

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Saturday: Left DE, drove to NC. Nothing too exciting on this leg, but it got hotter and humider.  More humid.  The air got wet. Got there in time for dinner and to watch the puppies tear around (and in) the pond by MIL's house. Our dog who won't take a bath wanted nothing more than to jump in and then drink the decorative pond. Go figure.
Sunday: Enjoyed Easter festivities with the families.  Yes, that includes an egg hunt, in spite of the fact that the youngest (and least enthusiastic, I might add) hunter was 25 years old.  That's right folks, I'm pushing 30 and I can count on one hand the number of Easters my parents have *not* hidden eggs for me, in some fashion. I love that about them. :-) Needless to say, I found the most...but I also have 27 years of strategic advantage and knowledge of their hiding patterns.
Monday: Drove down to visit my aunt and uncle at their sweet beach house. Also got to learn more about his sweet shoe store.  I wish he'd open up an online store, but that'd take away from the personal attention I guess, so they don't have one.  If you're in the High Point, NC area though, check them out (and tell Bill his niece says hi!) Got some great fried shrimp and a sweet sunburn. And an adventure hat.  Can't forget that.

Tuesday: Left NC kinda late and drove down to Hilton Head Island, SC. Got in late but the hotel was decidedly unsketchy and very welcoming (Red Roof Inn FTW!).

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Wednesday: Doinked around HHI and decided to stay another night. Couldn't really figure out why we loved it so much, then it dawned on us...this place is *home*!  Everyone there was some variation of upper-middle-class, functional family unit, there for a reasonably-priced family vacation.  It was like stumbling on the mother ship.  It was wonderful.  We decided that'd be where we'll go when we have our own family (in like 40 years or so).

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Thursday: Drove HHI to Titusville. Dropped the pup off at daycare and made it to Kennedy Space Center around 4:30, thinking we'd maybe get half an hour to tour before they closed.  Nope! They were open until 8, so we got the full tour, AND got to see Hubble 3-D (narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, *swoon*) in IMAX. Score! Survived some massive thunder storms to get back to our campsite and set up for the night (rain = no bugs, hooray!)
Friday: Woke up early, drove to Waffle House (YUM) and headed to the Astronaut Hall of Fame for the STS-134 launch. Realized at about 8:55 that our "please arrive here by" time was 9:00...oops.  We made it just fine anyway, but had a good laugh. Doinked around at AHF until around noon when we heard the launch had been scrubbed.  Boo.  Made a few command decisions and decided to pick up the pup early from daycare and start the drive home. We made it as far as Lumberton before calling it a night...wish we'd gone 5 or so miles further, since we might have avoided the symphony of sketch the Lumberton Motel 6 had to offer. Yikes.

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Saturday: Long long day in the car, but we made it all the way from Lumberton to home. Not much else to report. I started getting my allergies back around VA and Benadryled my way back up the coast.

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So that's the very abbreviated recap. I'll post pictures later, with more of the stories.

I'm also devising a more concrete training plan for myself (including the 100 pushup challenge!) and trying to find more races to run this summer.  Sunday is the Tough Mudder...wish me luck!

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