Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Counterproductive Measures

Last week I may have promised chocolate to anyone who showed up for class tonight. Since I've had a head cold since Saturday and will be making them do circuits without me tonight, I plan on sitting in the back of the room doing them the favor of eating the candy for them.

Trust me, it's a favor.

I'm also filling in for Dawn tonight, since she's got pneumonia. Since romance > pneumonia >> head cold, I'm apparently the only one available.

Translation: 2 full hours to do in a big ol' bag of Reese hearts by myself.

Who said being sick was lame?


Don't get me wrong...hubs has treated me like a princess all day (including a very Nyquil-confused episode with some flowers this morning). But we're also practical and not huge fans of competing with everyone else's affections for table space at the local waiting list. So I have no problem filling in for folks tonight in the name of love.

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