Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Seriously guys, I'm so with it

Just to prove that I'm totally hip with what the kids are watching these days, tonight's spin is totally topical.

Yup, we're going to the Grammys.

Now, I thought that I might just rip off the whole thing entirely and see what made the list this year. I recognize like 6 of those things, and 5 of them are Adele.


But, since I don't want to let anyone in on my shameful secret (that I really have no idea what goes on outside my little cubicle and the gym), I made up my own Grammy list. Without further ado, the winners are....

First up, the traditional Inappropriate R&B/Rapper Appearance:

     Forever - Chris Brown
(too soon?)
Best Warm up/Pump up song: 
     I Want You To Want Me (Live)  -  Cheap Trick
Best Working/Fast Flat: 
     Drive By  -  Train
Best Standing Flat with Pickups:
     What The Hell  -  Avril Lavigne
Best Seated Moderate Hill:
     Everybody & Ray Speak No Americano  -  Mashup-Germany vs. Faroff
Best Seated Hill w/Standing Pick Ups:
     You're Gonna Gonna Go Far Kid  -  The Offspring
Best Adele Remix/Working Recovery:
     Set Fire to the Rain (House Remix)  -  Capt Kirk
Best Moderate Running with Resistance w/pick ups:
     Take It Off  -  Ke$ha
Best Standing Moderate Climb:
     Black Betty  -  Ram Jam
Best Jumps on a Hill (during chorus):
     Panic Switch  -  Silversun Pickups
Best Standing Heavy Climb:
     S&M (Come On)  -  Rihanna
Best 2-minute Redemption with Attacks: 
     I'm Shipping Up To Boston  -  Dropkick Murphys
Best Cool down:
     Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand  -  Primitive Radio Gods


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  1. Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand - Primitive Radio Gods

    I fucking LOVE that song.