Monday, February 20, 2012

Endorphins, Why Have You Abandoned Me?

I'm not usually this blue after a workout, and tonight's was a pretty solid workout.

I borrowed a lot of moves from BodyRock, which means it was a colossal effort...normally if I've managed to actually finish the workout, especially if I'm up front, that means when I get home I'm at least happy.


I dunno guys. The weight of this whole moving/going back to school/quitting my job/living apart from hubs and the critters/changing careers/having to learn how to learn again, especially a completely different kind of learning thing is starting to weigh on me. I won't even get into the stress dreams I've been having (stress + Downton Abbey + Supernatural = Wackadoo central). I'm super excited to get started on this whole learning thing. I'm also TERRIFIED that I'm going to turn out to be a total flop when it comes to memorizing what connects to the knee bone and all that. My BS is in Chemical Engineering...sounds hard, but it's mostly just logic and applying a few basic principles over and over (and over and over...) again. This is learning a lot of really big words, figuring out what they're all doing in a sentence together, then deciding what to do about that.

I just hope I can learn big words fast enough.

I've been looking at ads for apartments/room shares/sublets in Denver, and I've come to the only logical conclusion there is:

The only people who post on Denver's Craigslist are completely and irrevocably batsmit crazy.

No joke guys, the spammers are starting to sound reasonable at this point. Sheesh.

Anyway, I'm going to go wallow in my little stress spiral over by my sewing machine for a while.

You all need Hyperbole and a Half in your life. Enjoy.

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