Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bear With Me

I'm going to draft this throughout the day, in hopes of having a reasonably doable workout by the end of the day. The formula I decided on for tonight's FIT class is this:


Upper body (isolate upper body)
Lower body (isolate lower body)
Combo (upper and lower moves together)
Cardio (spike heart rate)
Balance (bring heart rate back down - hold positions for 30-60 seconds)

Repeat each circuit twice (once per side, most likely)
Do 3-5 circuits, depending on how quickly we go through them. I'm hoping for about 10 minutes total per circuit (run through twice) so this should be about right.
Abs for the last 5-10 minutes.

Cool down

Bam, class dismissed.

Oh wait, I need actual exercises, huh? Crap.

Note: whoo doggy, Google is on fire today. There were some gems in the results of seemingly innocent searches. Yikes. 

Circuit 1: 

Upper body: Forearm curls
Ummm...Google? That's not a forearm curl. Nice try. Sorry Mom. 

Lower body: Single leg squat dynamic
Combo: Flex when up, extend when down
Cardio: High knees
Balance: Single leg squat static - come down into a single-leg squat about half way and hold.

I hadn't even thought of this one...maybe I'll see if we have enough unbalance things to make this happen.

Circuit 2: 

Upper body: Pushups
Lower body: Single leg lifts (in plank position, lift one leg and hold for 5 count. Lower but not all the way to the floor. Repeat.)
Combo: Single leg pushups (keeping one leg lifted, keep hips extended and perform 5 pushups. Rest and repeat. Don't hurt me.)
Cardio: Spiderman obliques (in plank position, bring one leg up, swinging out to the side, to bring knee to elbow. alternate legs, doing as many as possible in 60 seconds.)

Balance: Awkward Airplane (Get on all 4s and lift opposing arm and leg to parallel with the floor, then move arm and leg as far out to sides as possible - I can't quite make 90* without cramping my butt muscle, but that's the goal.)
Umm not quite.

Circuit 3: 

Upper body: bicep curls
Lower body: forward lunges (one side per circuit - stable foot is the one that stays static)

Combo: curl while going into lunge
Cardio: keeping stable foot in the same place, lunge forward, side, back, then squat. repeat.
Balance: Warrior III on stable foot
Switch to other foot for second time through circuit.

Circuit 4: 

Upper body: Shoulder shapers (alternate one arm forward, one arm side, raising to parallel to floor)
Leg down lady, you're making this harder than it has to be. 

Lower body: Walking lunges
Combo: Alternate arms to maintain balance while walking lunging
Cardio: Alligator crawl (on hands and feet, get as low to the ground as possible and crawl as quickly as possible across the room - accent on staying low to the ground, this is not a bear crawl!)
Yeah, like that. 

Balance: Tree pose (stand on one leg and put the other foot as high up on that leg as you can...like a tree?)

Circuit 5: 

Upper body: Tricep extensions

Lower body: Squats. Just squats
Combo: Raise arms as you come out of squat

Cardio: Jumping jacks
Balance: The things I saw at PT that one (several) time. Put a dumbbell on its end on the floor to the outside of the stable foot, stand on one foot, and twist while you squat to touch the top of the dumbbell. Add challenge by holding a dumbbell as well. Make sure you keep your back straight, toes behind your knees, and core engaged. If you can't reach all the way down/to the side, do the best you can but do NOT go to the point of pain.
If it looks like we're only going to get through 4 circuits, I'll move this balance move to circuit 4 instead of the tree one.


Pilates 100

Russian twists: in a seated position, grab a weight of some sort and lean back and twist from side to side. Pick your feet up off the ground for added challenge. We'll go through this at 2 different lean angles: low and hernia.
Alternating triangles...do this:
using your obliques to pull you back up into standing. Repeat on each side 5 times, making sure movement is slow and controlled.

That should about do it. I'll print this out in very large type so my workout-stupid brain can see it from a distance, and modify as needed if it turns out I'm either a wimp or a slave driver. I want my classes to be tough but not stupid hard...there will be breaks between circuits, and I won't be going through them at a breakneck pace (I hope), so hopefully it'll be good. I figure I'll keep the favorite moves in rotation so people will see improvements week to week as well.

Any moves I missed that you love doing?
The playlist isn't special, just a Power Music one that's continuous 128 bpm.

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