Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quick N Dirty - The Canyon Ride

Just a quickie post with tonight's ride. Natch, it's based on my trip from last week. With not much ceremony, I give you...the Canyon Ride:

The first section is the Grand Canyon (where miles = minutes) and the second is Subway Canyon in Zion. The last minute is the Redemption Mile, which I like to do to make sure everyone got what they came for.

Just a couple of quick pics from the trip. I swear there'll be a full trip report in the next day or two...depending on how the next day or two goes.

Post hike, waiting for the shuttle. Hence the flip flops.
It's grand.
North Rim. I am more terrified than I look here.
Some of the switchbacks. Gnarly.

Off to class!

What's your workout tonight?

Oh! And good news! As of September 19th, I'll be teaching Monday night strength classes at the Executive at 6:30...come on down!

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  1. Oh, man, it's sooooooooooo pretty there!

    Tonight I have 30 minutes on the bike. FUN!