Thursday, August 11, 2011

North Rim and Day One: The First of the Posts with Too Many Pictures

It all started with an airport debacle that wasn't properly documented. We waited on this curb for probably 20 minutes while we were on the phone with our ride yelling "no WE're at the right terminal!" Turns out we were in the drop off only lane, and they were in the pick up only lane...which was across the airport and much less busy. Possibly because of a power-tripping crossing guard who made sure we knew we were not as important as the 300 or so cabs he let by first. Hmph. 

Eventually, we made it to camp. No pics of the ride because I slept through 90% of it. Actually, there are pictures of that. Aren't I precious?
Thanks for that, Devin.
Apparently, while I was sleeping the apocalypse happened. I might've been awake for this actually...there was some discussion of why we were driving directly into what looked like a tornado. No such luck. My vacations are so boring.
Finally, we made it to the North Rim campground and set up camp. I'm taking pictures to document the trip while Nick's working.
Devin thought the pay phones were quaint and hilarious.
Natch, we saw the edge of the canyon and walked towards it. Why wouldn't you?
It was seriously dizzying being that close to the edge.
Just a preview.
Hey look, I'm reasonably photogenic when you can't see my face full on! Nice!
Keeping it classy at camp, drinking a Fat Tire for my homies.
I was very worried for that sandwich's well-being.
Boys making fire. Sort of.
Hanging out at camp. 
All packed up and ready to roll.
The before shot, when we're all smiles.
First couple shot!
There was a lot of this.
We came down that! And we weren't even a third of the way down!
No perspective on this makes it look smaller than it was.
There, you see that black blob at the bottom? That's Devin, who's about 6 feet tall.
Being the slow kid, I wound up with a lot of "this will look epic in a montage" butt shots of the boys.
Devin was behind me some of the time.
Definitely not a tourist.
Made it to our first camp!
And Devin felt like 7 miles with 40 lbs on his back wasn't enough of a workout.
Then the apocalypse.
The water is colder than it looks, but it felt so gooood.
The park services had put big rocks (not these, other ones) in place to make a little swimming hole. It wasn't deep, but it was wet and cold so we jumped in and cooled off for a while. Wonderful.
Then we made like literate lizards and read by the pool.
Think of it as nature's ice bath.
There were a ton of these crazy caterpillars, and they kept dropping from trees onto our tent. It was weird.
And thus ends day 1. Next up, days 2 and 3!


  1. I'd have turned around at the airport I think!! Your pics and the views ARE amazing though so worth it.