Monday, August 15, 2011

Never Say No

You know what? I tried really hard to stomach looking for a Justin Bieber picture to photoshop and put up here, but I literally couldn't fight the rage long enough to post it.

My mentor, who usually teaches Tuesday nights, just asked if I could sub for her tomorrow. It's at 5:30, which is not 6:30 (when I'm teaching FIT), which means I had nothing better to do, which means I said yes. Duh.

So tomorrow at about 7:43 PM I'll be pulling one of these:

But you know what? That'll mean that Tuesday nights are back in action. I miss my Tuesday night "go hard or go home" workouts. In another month, they'll include Biggest Loser treadmill time and by Christmas I'll be a rockstar. Or something.

What's your favorite day of the week for workouts? What are your long workout days?

Any suggestions for new music? I'm probably going to be rocking the Grand Canyon profile again (sorry Fred) but I need new music. I'm also thinking about making the FIT class a simulation of the trip, just to milk this trip for all it's worth. Don't judge, I'm sucking creative fumes these days with all the essays and such I've written lately.

On that note, A&P II is done tomorrow! I'm thinking I'm going to take my exam first thing in the morning so I won't have to worry about it tomorrow night. Then I'll have 2 blessed weeks of academic freedom until fall semester starts. That's going to be MUCH easier though. I'm hoping my workout routine will find its place in my life again and I'll be able to keep it up much more during the next few months.

Tonight I need to finish the last 30 pages of reading, come up with a FIT routine, come up with a spin playlist, and avoid the temptation to sew the latest quilting project:

Laugh if you want, but quilting makes me money...therapy costs money. It's financially responsible. Really.

Also teaching FIT on the 29th. Hopefully I can work out some of the kinks before I start my own class in a month.

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  1. Not sure what kind of music you like. I have done a Michael Jackson/Prince playlist that is popular. Also, I did some old soul this week...Stevie Wonder-Higher Ground (seated climb), Ike and Tina Turner-Proud Mary (seated climb then sprint in 3rd when the music picks up). I vary my music a lot...rock, R&B, reggaeton, 90's, 80's...keeps it fun! Good luck!