Tuesday, August 16, 2011

That was Awesome

And I am tired.

There were only 3 people in my FIT class tonight, which helped ease the nerves a bit. No pressure. Except that they really wanted kickboxing, which I didn't give them. Sorry guys. We got through 4 of the 5 circuits, and did not end up doing the alligator move. I think I'll save that gem for my first "real" class. One of the women asked if I'd be teaching regularly, and if this was going to be the style I'd be teaching. Not sure if that means she liked it or not, but there ya go. I also made the Eastern European gentleman, who seems to have no end of strength, grunt a few times. I count that as a win. I think he may have come over because there was no pilates tonight.

Anyway, more introspection on life, love, and the pursuit of group exercise tomorrow.

For now, I'm beat. I won't know the results of that last exam until tomorrow...all I need is an 89.7 to get an A, and I'm just not sure...her exams are brutal, to the last drop. But it's over now, and next semester promises to be easier...I hope.

Anyway, goodnight!

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  1. I'm glad you didn't die!

    What time today do you find out about the exam?