Sunday, August 14, 2011


Vegas was a whirlwind. The first night I felt like a toddler who hadn't napped in like 4 days.

This much stimulation literally brought me to tears at one point. I called my mom and told her I needed a hug. She gave me a verbal hug, helped me unwind a bit, and sent me on my way. I have the best mom.
We went to the Mandalay Bay shark aquarium thingy. Not as many sharks as advertised, but still one of the better aquariums I've been to.
Lizard for Alishia.
These tunnels make me so nervous that the glass is going to break. I think someone should put one of those awful broken glass stickers on there somewhere, just to scare the bajeebus out of folks like me.
Jelly fish are my favorite. As long as they're in a tank.
There were these water massage things. I was tempted, but not enough to shell out $20 for 10 minutes of aqua groping.
Then there was the Statue of Liberty.
Made out of jelly beans.
At MGM they have lions that lay on glass above your head.
What you can just barely see here, in addition to the bright lights and stripper pole, is on the front of the boat there's a mother and her 9 year old daughter just hitchin' a ride. Call me crazy, but I just don't think that's the kind of place I'd take my preteen. Just sayin.
We got all gussied up and went to dinner. That dress is one of those ridiculous "wear it 100 ways" dresses. I talked the girl down from $100 to $60 and I know damn well I still paid way too much for it, but whatever, it was Vegas. I can wrap it around me in exactly one flattering way, and I can't move at all or else it either becomes unflattering or VERY revealing. Or both. But the color is nice. 


  1. hubby & I would love to go to Vagas one day but WITHOUT the kids, having said that ... at the rate we do things the youngest will be long gone 21 by the time we get around to booking it!!! ;-)