Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Good Good Life

Guys, I'm in a seriously good mood today, especially considering I got my butt out of bed early enough to be OUT THE DOOR at 6:30.  This is miraculously early for me, folks. If my house were on fire before 5 am, I'd tell it to burn later so I could keep sleeping. I didn't even go to bed early last night to compensate. In fact, I was up later than usual, working on the latest quilting project (yes, I quilt...what of it?).  Isn't it cute?

Yesterday I didn't do a damn thing fitness-related. At least not physically. I did, however, take a look at the online classes I'm taking and I already finished the extra credit quiz for A&P, which doesn't even start until Tuesday. Booya! I'm aiming to be "that guy" in all these classes (A&P I&II with labs, Abnormal Psych, and Intro to Kinesiology) know that one, who wrecks the curve for everyone else? Yup. Totally.  Never been that guy (or girl as it were). I'm also going out of my way to make sure the profs know who I am, early on. My abnormal psych homework is done for the week too (I guess I should do the reading on that though...oops) and all my quizzes/exams/reports/homework assignments are in my Google calendar. In the next 6 weeks I have...

...10 writing assignments
...5 lab assignments
...2 term reports
...9 exams
...10 homework assigments
...18 discussion questions to answer
...8 quizzes
...and about a billion pages of reading to do.

Cripes, now that I put it in numbers, I might be a little over my head here. But I will prevail! I have my flashcards at my desk, my coloring book at home, and a new plan to be at the gym by 7 every morning. M/W I won't be able to work out, but I can go to group ex in the evenings those days. The evenings I'm going to plan on studying. Somewhere in there, I need to get some mileage in to train for this century too.  I may have bitten off more than I can chew here, I'm not sure. We'll see.

Oh, tomorrow morning I need to put together a warmup to show my mentor at the gym, so I can start teaching bootcamp/strength classes too.  (Un)fortunately, most of the classes I was able attend (and therefore teach) have been cancelled for the summer, so that limits my usefulness, even once I'm trained.

This song has been stuck in my head and on constant replay on my iTunes all morning, and I'm loving it:

I love it.

What's stuck in your head today?
How do you approach life, cannonball or toes first?

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  1. I know when it comes to cold water I try to go in toes first, but god, it's just painful the WHOLE TIME, so I end up jumping in.

    That's probably how I go at life.

    That's quite a schedule you have there, missy. And a very adorable quilt!