Sunday, June 26, 2011


This right here is going to make me bankrupt. But at least my house will be pretty. :D

Other things thatve happened recently:

My stapler broke. I didn't do it. Office crimes are rampant.

We have a screen door! It's so nice. Before:

Nick did good. I was no help on this one.

I did pretty good on the GRE. 80th percentile or above on both sections, but we'll see about the writing.

Also, the fat kitty has brought me 2 different dead birds. I won't post pics, but he's so proud of himself...all I can see is blood on his mouth, even if there is none.

I took pics of this morning's workout, but they're on the camera so I'll have to post them later. I'm teaching spin tonight...will post the profile as soon as it's ready!

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