Sunday, June 19, 2011

Working out at work

Aside from the occasional bathroom squats (that's not as dirty as it sounds...I really did do 200 squats in the bathroom the other day, just to see if I could. I can.), it's actually not at all easy to get your blood pumping during the day, especially if you work in the sedentary tech industry like I do. To remedy that, I've started looking at alternatives to sitting still and have come across a few things that might do the trick.

Like this.
Seriously, does this not look kind of like playground equipment? I've been debating getting a ball to sit on at work, but I do WAY too much gossiping around the corner (which requires wheels on my chair) to make that work. This little setup might work though! Too bad the price tag is a touch prohibitive. Anyone want me to do a review of these? :-D Oooh, this one has arms!

The other option I'm considering is this thing. Every review says "this is great, my 90 year old grandmother loves it!" You know what? I want to be 90 someday, so I think getting a little extra cardio during the day (not 75% MHR cardio, but maybe it'll be easier to get to 60% for a few minutes an hour with this) would be ideal.

Nothing spectacular, but it's like $23 and will get my legs moving during the day. Anyone used one of these before at work? Thoughts?

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