Friday, June 24, 2011

More Workout Pics

Thursday morning I got to the gym about an hour early, to start practicing my routine for the strength classes I'm going to be teaching soon. How soon? Tuesday. That's how soon. I won't be teaching the whole class on Tuesday, but I'll be teaching half and then after that...I jump in with both feet flailing.

(On that note, anyone in the Boston area want to go sky diving with me? There's a groupon for $149 today...)

At first I thought I'd do a bunch of stuff with the ball.
Single leg squats.
Turns out, these are MUCH harder with the ball. Like, seriously couldn't even handle myself harder. Not that just free standing ones are particularly easy, either. My butt hurts today.
Then chest presses.
Check out that form! But not the butt. Gravity does me no favors. Junk in the trunk dun sunk.

In the end, I wound up with 3 sets of exercises:

Single leg squats -> Shoulder presses -> Single leg squats WITH shoulder presses.
Alternating lunges -> Shoulder shapers -> Alternating lunges WITH shoulder shapers.
Squats -> Cuban presses -> Squats WITH Cuban presses.

Totally hadn't even thought of using a bar with that last one until I found that video. Totally going to use that. For Tuesday I'm actually only doing the first and third circuits, so I think I'll have us use a body bar instead of dumbbells. Winnah!!

The Cuban presses I really like because they're strictly a rotator cuff exercise, which is a commonly injured area.

Oh crap. Speaking of injuries, I just realized Tuesday night is a night class, which means this one woman will be there. I don't know what her story is, but she's very outspoken and opinionated...especially about fan placement. I don't dislike her or anything, but she's definitely someone who was a popular girl in high school...and girls like that still make me wary.

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