Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some life lessons

Lesson #1: Appreciate good pictures of yourself. My butt never looks this good when I'm not airborne. I'll take it.
This is the shot I was really trying to get. Jumping jacks for the Bachelorette Booty Camp. Which I still haven't completed. Looks like lunch today is going to get ugly. For those of you counting (who might not have done your booty camp routine either, here's what's on the docket:

115 push ups
45 jumping jacks
25 crunches
20 lunges
10 tricep dips
95 curls
5 burpees
Woo, go me!

Lesson #2: Read labels.

Did you know that on the label of dishwasher detergent it says "avoid contact with fabric...may bleach"??  Yeah, I didn't either. So when I sprayed detergent EVERYWHERE the other day and the paper towels were nowhere to be found, I grabbed a dirty washcloth and wiped it up.
And then this. I mean, it's pretty but...geesh.  So guys...don't clean up dish detergent with fabric you like.

Lesson #3: If the knobs aren't turning, the breadmaker isn't kneading it. Seriously.
This was destined for greatness. Italian herb bread...basil, oregano, olive oil, parmesean...YUM. I mixed stuff up a bit because I didn't think the kneading knobs were turning. They weren't. But it still rose and stuff, then baked and stuff. This is the bottom of it. Those big gashes are from digging out the kneading knobs like they were shrapnel. The white is unmixed flour. I ate some and it tasted ok. The dog ate some and got sick the next day. You do the math.
So that's what I've got.

Coworker and I did Bob Harper's Bootcamp DVD yesterday morning. It was meh. I like Jillian's workouts better I guess. Maybe the other levels will be harder, I don't know. The whole thing seemed like they never rehearsed, and for crying out loud he did a bunch of stuff on one leg then NEVER DID THE OTHER LEG! Basic group ex 101 here, folks! And it was a DVD, so they had time to edit it, and that crap still got through! If it's in a clearance bin, it's not bad. Wouldn't pay full price for it again though. Grumble grumble.

What's your favorite workout DVD? 
Are you as life-challenged as I am? How? 

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  1. Your butt wants you to do more jumping jacks! Where do you have access to such huge mirrors?

    That bread SOUNDS amazing. Do you love your bread maker? Hopefully it will turn out awesome when you make it again.