Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I find it very difficult to work out if I don't have some kind of music cranking through my head. Partly I like the beat to keep me moving, but a good chunk of it is a feeling of relative anonymity that it gives me. When I put headphones in, it's like putting on sun glasses...if you can't see my eyes, you can't see me. Yes, I honestly feel less socially vulnerable with headphones and/or sunglasses on. It's like that kid from Big Daddy. Whose picture I can't find at all, with sunglasses on. Poo.

Anyway, all that to say that music is a personal thing. I'm the first to admit that my taste in music hasn't changed a whole lot since I hit puberty 15+ years ago...I still listen to the radio stations that claim to be a "mix" station but really play the same 15 or so songs over and over. I watch Glee (mostly) for the music. I (don't judge me) even kind of like Ke$ha, in spite of my better judgment. I have no excuses and I make no apologies. It's catchy and it's popular because I'm not the only one who likes this trash. I know full well that it's not "good" music and there's no depth to it, but I enjoy it anyway.

This is what freaks me out the most about putting together a group ex class...in the end, I pick music that I like. Not because I'm being cool and trying to like eclectic stuff (I don't), but because, quit frankly, I have a narrow range of stuff I'd consider "workout music".  I'm picky about my trashy music...what?

So when I put together profiles (like last week's) that are built around music that I LOVE, I get a little nervous and feel a little vulnerable. I find myself explaining to the class why I picked certain songs ("this one's from Bend It Like Beckham!") or why liking Ke$ha and being an intelligent woman are not mutually exclusive.

Invariably though, I wind up with mad props for my music selection. Last week, one of the riders told me she'd felt amped up from the start to the finish, which was unusual for her. Loves it. :-)


  1. I'm still a pop chick but would NEVER own up to it :-)

  2. I love Kesha. Her music is FUN. That's all I need most of the time.

  3. I agree, Rose. All I need is a good beat and I'm happy. BabyWilt, I was in the closet for a long time about it...but then I figured people would realize it eventually so I might as well own it. :-) I hear a lot of folks whistling and singing along, so it can't be just me!