Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Anniversary Weekend: Returning to the Scene of the Crime

A year ago on Sunday, I was doing this:
There was also a lot of this:
And this:
I put a TON of work into our wedding, including making all the flowers:
And the programs (and invitations, etc):
The ceremony was at the cathedral in Burlington, VT (no pictures, it's ugly) and the reception was at Snow Farm Winery and Vineyard in South Hero, VT. It was PERFECT.
We had a photobooth, so our guest book rocked:
I also have fantastic friends and family, who made the whole night crazy fun:
 Guess what song.
 That poor horse.
 Can you tell we're related?
 And now they're related too (brother and sister in law)
 Seriously, it's like we're from different planets.
The ring bearer. Clearly, he's got the same contaminated gene pool.

It was a great day. Literally everything went as planned (as far as I'm told), minus the ring bearer ditching the rings with his dad before he walked down the aisle with his hand up yelling "no pictures please!" But that's just a great memory. :-)

Anyway, this weekend, we went back to South Hero and stayed at the Allenholm B&B. The Allens are the very definition of "salt of the earth" people. They're just adorable.

Saturday morning we had breakfast and then took a bike ride back out to the winery.
 We tried this year's wines and Nick told me we needed to come back again next year...that way we can get a bottle of wine made with grapes that were on the vine when we were getting married. Love that boy. :-)
 Saturday night we went out to dinner at the North Hero House, which was wonderful. We were underdressed, but everyone was super nice. The wine was on the house, since we were friends of Pam (the hostess of the B&B - she's really that wonderful of a person; anyone who associates with her is automatically assumed to be wonderful too).
 Apparently across the lake there is Nick's hometown. He says.

On Sunday we went back to the church where it all started, but no one was there, so we had to take one of these shots to prove we were there.

So that was the weekend. Very low key, but it was just what we needed. A year later, I'm still crazy about him, and he doesn't seem to be regretting his choice either. :-P