Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Friday Yet?

So Monday went well! I had 3 people in class, including Deb, who was a sweetie and stayed for moral support. We went through all 4 circuits, and I even made them do the Alligator. Once. They were not fans, so the second time around we did side shuffles back and forth. Suffice it to say, my inner thighs are in a little pain today. My butt's not happy either.

But alas, last night I decided to give my knee a break (it's been complaining lately) so tonight is the Simple Jack Triple Play. FIT at 4:45, Strength at 5:45, and Spin at 6:45. I may throw up. Or I may come out awesome. Who knows.

Tonight's profile is going to be the same as Sunday's for spin, because I liked that profile and am ok with repeating it. I just need a new playlist...which may be a problem since I don't have my iPod cord with me. Guess who's shopping at lunch!

It's all madness with Mall Madness!
And now, because I can't remember a single one of the witty, inspiring, or entertaining things I had planned on writing, here's more gratuitous pictures of me being pretty last year:

 Rehearsal walk
 I'm demanding, what do you want?
 I'd slept less than 3 hours the night before and had been up since 3 am...this was probably 1030 AM. Don't judge the bags.
 My beautiful sister in law helping me out.
 Making sure Dad's lint-free.
"What do you mean "how many donuts did I have for breakfast"?? Just zip the damn thing up!"

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